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Intuit QuickBooks is a leading accounting and bookkeeping software that features important tools of state of financial accounting technology. The software is incredibly user-friendly, but one should make sure that QuickBooks installation, activation, updates, and upgrades have been made appropriately at regular intervals.

In case, you have more than one copy of the QuickBooks Desktop then it becomes necessary, you activate/register each copy separately. We believe that this article will help you do that. We have endowed some simple steps to register/activate the QuickBooks desktop application after you have installed it on your computer.

Important: Make sure that Internet Explorer 11 with TLS 1.2 has been enabled in the Windows & Mac Operating Systems. You can notice that after May 31, 2018, to access the Intuit services all the connections in the QuickBooks must have these minimum system requirements.

Important Points to Remember while Activation

Things you need to take care of before proceeding with the activation:

  • Check if QuickBooks is ACTIVATED or NOT by pressing key “F2” key on the keyboard.
  • If the QuickBooks is ACTIVATED then you need not do anything. If not, then move towards the activation.
  • If you during activation you get the prompt “The validation code is wrong” then confirm if:
    • The License and the Product number is correct.
    • The validation code is right.

How to Register/Activate QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop for 2016 and Later Versions

QuickBooks Desktop Activation For Windows Computers:

After you have successfully installed the QuickBooks software, you need to get it activated before getting started. You will see a pop-up appear to activate the software. Alternatively, it can be done by following the below-given steps:

  1. Open the QuickBooks software and press the “F2” key.
  2. A ‘Product Information’ window will pop-up where you will have to check for the registration status at the right-hand side of the ‘License number‘.
  3. If QuickBooks reads ACTIVATED, you are good to go.
  4. In case, the QuickBooks status shows NOT ACTIVATED then you need to follow the given steps below for the activation:
    • Select “Ok” and it will close the ‘Product Information’ window.
    • Move to the “Help” menu and choose “Activate QuickBooks” option (select Register QuickBooks for 2016).
    • Follow the on-screen prompts and verify all the details, and finish the activation process as shown in the snippet below.
Register or Activate QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop For Mac Computers:

  • Open QuickBooks and go to “menu” tab.
  • Select “Register QuickBooks” option.
  • Pin-in the “License Number” and “Product Key” in the information box, and select the “Next” tab.
  • Search for and Choose the “Register Online” option.
  • Go along with the on-screen prompts and complete the registration process(if register option doesn’t show up, it means the software has already been registered).

For QuickBooks Desktop 2016 and Earlier Versions

  • Intuit has discontinued the activation of versions prior than 2016. However, discontinued products can still be registered if they were previously registered.
  • The re-registering of discontinued items is possible if they were registered previously and their re-installation is going through. If you need a validation code, you can also contact the Intuit support team directly to receive it..

Note: The discontinued products are not eligible for any support by the Intuit.

Issues that may occur while registration/activation QuickBooks Desktop

  • If the entered information on the information dialogue box is not being accepted, then you should check and ensure if the information entered by you is same as provided at the time of purchase of the software.
  • If you face blank screen, any error messages, or any other technical issue, you can try disabling(temporarily) your antivirus software.

I hope you found this article helpful in activating your QuickBooks desktop software. However, if you are still facing any difficulties while installing and registering the software then you can always contact Intuit directly via their 24*7 chat and phone support. You might have to wait in a queue over the phone support, we recommend that you reach them via chat.

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